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  • Cadii School Bag - CSB-2520 - Green Body and Black Trim
  • Cadii Features:

    1. The Cadii was developed to be robust and long lasting under normal operating conditions.
    2.  Durability - The frame is manufactured from high quality Polypropylene.
    3.  Silent operation - Strong wheels which run on a rust resistant axlel ensures durability and silent operation. 
    4. Serves as a Seat - The lid is purposely shaped into a seat, ideal while waiting for the school bus or transport.
    5. Desk top -  When opened, the inner flaps(Tablets) of the Cadii can be used as a desk top. The scholar can sit on the ground using the lid as a convenient work surface.
    6. Water Resistant - The design of the lid ensures that Cadii is water resistant, protecting books and personal belongings.
    7. Lockable -  Using any locking device the Cadii can be locked to safeguard books and personal belongings.
    8. Storage compartment - Within the Cadii lid, separate storage compartments can be used as a space case and lunch-box while a third compartment provides storage for additional items such as a towel or raincoat. The lunch box is optional with all new Cadii's.
    9. Writing tablet - The internal cover of the main lid can be written on with a white board marker. The scholar can use this part of Cadii as a tool for making notes.
    10. Main storage compartment is 23.7 Litres in volume, and is totally adequate for all books as well as sporting clothes or equipment. 
    11. Easy to clean using normal green dish washing liquid, to wipe down and remove any dirt / sanitise. Do not use any cleaners with a scourer agent as these cleaners will dull the Cadii.
      The innovative Cadii alleviates spinal strain and in-so-doing, prevents future back ailments.
      To pull the Cadii, a telescopic plastic handle is firmly mounted to the main body. A movable Polypropylene carry handle mounted on the casing facilitates comfortable lifting. The Cadii was designed to be pulled.

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    Cadii School Bag - CSB-2520 - Green Body and Black Trim

    • Brand: CADII
    • Product Code: Cadii-Bag-CSB-2520
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